Demonstration Videos
These videos provide basic information on how to use your security system. These videos are not intended to replace the user manuals but are provided as a helpful tool to help you use your system.


Commercial Applications

Providing reliable security products and communication solutions for over 17 years.

Property Management - Safety, security, parking lot and building surveillance

Insurance Industries - Fraud prevention and claims investigations

Private Investigation - Monitoring and visual identification

Fire - Theremal Imaging

Law Enforcement - Investigations and body-cam surveillance

Hospitals - Alzheimer patients, extendicare homes and pharmacies

Medical - Surveillance of biohazards, equipment and patient monitoring

Schools - Pick up and drop off zone monitoring, crime prevention

Transport - Road and traffic control monitoring, airports and railways

Gated Communities - Access control monitoring

Daycare - Child activity and monitoring

Loss Prevention - Inventory control and cash monitoring

Vandalism - Inventory control and cash monitoring

Gas Station - Self serve and car wash monitoring

Security - Restricted zone monitoring

Shopping Malls - Theft, vandalism and parking lot monitoring

Equipment Monitoring - Back up cameras, cranes and loaders

Assembly Lines - Process control monitoring, quality control inspection

Construction Sites - Portable visible link monitoring and remote situations

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